Today more and more people are making their memorial choices ahead of time, as part of their estate planning process. There are countless good reasons for doing so.
Pre-Planning Couple

  • A memorial should be a joint decision
  • A memorial is the most enduring thing you will ever purchase
  • Your¬†monument should reflect your life, interests, beliefs, and accomplishments.
  • Selecting a memorial together avoids placing the burden on your loved one during an emotional time when making good decisions are often very difficult.
  • Your family and friends will have a way to remember you from generation to generation.

Pre-Need Monument Pre-Need Monument

Gold Seal Guarantee
Archie Monument & Stone, Inc. guarantees to the original purchaser of this memorial that the granite is free from defects and that the memorial has been inspected and approved under strict guidelines.

This guarantee is valid for the life of the original purchaser and their heirs. Also to the cemetery in which the memorial has been placed.